Thursday, July 31, 2014


This past weekend was San Diego Comic-Con, sadly I didn't go. There was tons of videos and photos being posted up on online. Such as panels with celebrities, sneak peaks from tv/movies and cosplay costumes. I love seeing all the cosplay costumes and some of the costumes are crazy good. People spend a lot of money and time making these outfits. There are tons and tons of pictures out there on the web of cosplay outfits from Comic-Con. Here are just some pictures I found that I thought were pretty awesome. Especially because some of these are from my favorite movies and favorite characters.

(via: Jons Esparza)

Rogue and Gambit
(via: Chrissy Lynn)

Demon Hunter from Diablo 3

and Hades from Hercules

I have to add this GIF of the awesome Jenny Lorenzo as Raven.
(via: MTV)

xoxo Alyssa

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesday Favorites #19

This Sailor Moon and Pretty Little Liars crossover is perfect.

For those of you who don't know Wet Seal is opening up plus size
 clothing stores. Too bad their not opening up one down here.

Mark Ruffalo totally geeking out about seeing Paul Rudd.

Loving her outfit.

These illustrations from Chiara Bautista are amazing. 

Loving this cute and simple Watermelon Favor DIY.
(via: Oh Happy Day)

(via: Moorea Seal)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Five Things About Me

(me: 9th grade)

Hey guys! I thought I'd do this five things about me segment, so you can learn a little bit about me. I hope you guys leave a comment and share some things about yourself. I would love to get to know some of my readers. I know you guys are out there. Don't be shy! I wont bite.

1. I love watching Celebrity interviews. It's more like when their on talk shows like Late Night with Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel. It's mostly on YouTube that I watch these interviews. I can lay in bed for hours just watching these videos. It's one of those things that whenever I'm feeling like crap, I know I can watch these videos and it'll make me laugh. Laughter is the best medicine.

2. Peanut Butter. I don't like eating peanut butter. Typically when I say that out loud in a crowd of people, everybody stares at me like "HOW DARE YOU!" I've only met like two other people who don't like peanut butter. This past year however, I've been eating it more. Well more like drinking it. I put in my protein shake, so I can't really taste it as much.

3. Speaking of eating, I have a love/hate relationship with PIZZA. I LOVE PIZZA, but it hates me. Especially if it has cheese. For those of you who don't know I'm lactose intolerant, which means my stomach can't handle dairy as well as other people. That doesn't stop me from eating pizza. I'll typically order pizza without cheese, but it'll still have all the yummy toppings on it. I didn't know till about two years ago that Pizza Hut will make it without cheese for you. It is annoying however, because sometimes they don't know what I'm talking about and I'll get pizza with cheese. Then I have to wait another 15-20mins for my pizza. Oh the joys of being lactose intolerant.

4. I collect quite a few things and one of those things are postcards. Sadly, I don't travel so most of my postcards are from friends or from Alex when they go places. It started when I was 18, my long time best friend left to join the navy and sent me a post card from where she was training. I fell in love with it! It was somewhat one of those 1930's propaganda join the navy illustrations. Since, then whenever she goes somewhere she buys a bunch of postcards. Then when she comes down to visit, she brings them with her. Alex does the same when he leaves somewhere for the Army. One of these day's I'll take some pictures and show you all my postcards.

5. I use to wear a lot of black and baggie clothes when I was in middle school/high school. Black wasn't my favorite color or anything, blue is my favorite color by the way. I wore black more because I wasn't comfortable with my body and black was very slimming. As I'm typing this, I'm laughing at how silly this sounds but it's true. I wore baggie clothes, because we didn't have a lot of money so my mother couldn't afford to buy me plus size clothes that fit me properly.(plus size clothes are hella expensive) All my clothes fit me tight in the wrong places or were too loose in the wrong places. Nowadays, I'm more comfortable with my body then when I was younger. I still wear black, from time to time tho. Not so much baggie clothes.

xoxo Alyssa

Friday, July 25, 2014

DIY: Staying Organized

Right now I'm slowly moving my supplies from one room to another. I have collected so many things that my room is overflowing with craft supplies. One way I keep some of my stuff organized is by putting things in jars. It's the easiest and sometimes completely free way to keep your stuff organized. Especially if you have a lot of little things. You can go out and buy a bunch of mason jars. Soon enough that starts to get expensive, when you keep constantly needing jars. What I do is use, sauce jars. 

We eat a lot of Spaghetti, so we go through quite a few sauce jars. When we go out and buy groceries, I make sure the jars are glass. I think the glass ones are better, but you can use the plastic ones if you prefer. Just clean out the jar when you're done with the sauce and rip off the label. Sometimes the label will leave glue residue, so you can leave your jar in warm water before you rip it off or you can buy Goo Gone Mess Free Pen. I suggest buying the pen, because it'll save you a lot of time and it works really good. Also, you can use old salt and pepper shakers or candle holders. You can use pretty much anything.
You can decorate your jars using washi tape or spray painting the tops. You can also paint on the jars themselves, but if you want to use the jars for something else later I suggest just sticking to the tape. Simply you can just use whatever's inside to speak for themselves. I love the way my dried up flowers and the glass look in the jars. Hope you guys have a great weekend. Happy Crafting! Alyssa

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