Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday Favorites #24

These diy handheld pinatas are the cutest!

Who doesn't love movies & food
Emily made a list of food that coincides with iconic movies.

I need this thread reel stool in my life.

This diy affordable hang tag is so simple and the smartest way to do it.
(via: Hey Wanderer)

OMG! This Rory Cosplay by Katie Scarlett is awesome!!!

This dress needs to be in my closet ASAP.
(via: Keiko Lynn)

A skull chair!?!?!?!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

August Favorites

I bought quite a few things in August but here are some of my favorites:

I don't wear a lot of makeup and I was looking for a foundation, but with light coverage. I was recommended to try Maybelline's BB Cream. I completely love it! If your like me and don't like wearing a lot of makeup I would suggest this BB Cream. It feels like I'm not even wearing anything and it has SPF 30 in it. Most foundations don't have SPF and if they do it's a small amount. It's a lot lighter than foundation and it's better for dry skin. If your not sure on what tone to get, you can go to your local Walgreens and ask the for a tester at the beauty counter. If you don't get to test it and buy it anyways; you can return it if it's not your correct shade. They'll take it back even if it's open. How great is that!

I sweat a lot, so I break out a lot. My face tends to be red and blotchy from time to time. The smashbox color correcting primer works wonders on that problem. It reduces redness in your face and a small amount of this primer goes a long way. Smash box is quite expensive, so I suggest buying the travel size. Like I said, a small amount goes a long way. Other makeup brands also have a color correcting primer, so you can try those out as well. Sephora and Ulta carry the standard size and the travel size.

When it comes to make up I'm not an expert. I get all my advice from YouTube videos and friends. When I bought the BB Cream, I knew I had to get a beauty blender. I'm not one for makeup brushes and the beauty blender is so much easier to use. You can use it with your primer, concealer, BB/CC creams or foundation.  Pretty much anything that's wet. This blender is a dupe of the actual beauty blender sponge. I was in a hurry, so I picked up this sponge and it was super cheap. There are so many dupes out there and you can just pick one out that's right for you. The one thing that I dislike about this is the cleaning process of it. There are tons of videos on how to use it and clean it, on YouTube.

If your too lazy to wash your face or in a hurry, I suggest using these towelettes. It's removes your makeup and cleanses your face. This brand is great if you have sensitive skin and their ingredients are all natural. They have a variety of towelettes you can try. You can pick these up at any drugstore.

I have a lot of hair. It's thick and dry, so it gets tangled. I also get quite a few knots in my hair. Those are not fun to take out. Since using this product I haven't gotten tangles or knots. Yay! You can pick up this product at any drugstore. Sometimes they have sales on them at CVS and Walgreens

I'm always up to try new products, especially if their at a reasonable price. What are your favorite products you like to use? Leave a comment down below and I'll check it out. xoxo Alyssa

Monday, September 15, 2014


Is some stuff Alex and I have been working on for the past couple of months.
These two are from a recent project I did for class.
The project was called meaningful text.

Alex designed this for Land Locked Pirates last month.
He's also been working on a series for a friend of ours.
It's taken him a while, but it's all coming together.
Here's something I worked on last month.
I was inspired by Sick/Sea's song Slow Poke.
There was another project I wanted to share with you guys that we worked on in class. Unfortunately my pin drive messed up and I hadn't saved it anywhere. Good thing I turned it in before that happened. If you want to see more of Alex's work you can follow his Instagram: Rizo117. He doesn't post much, but hopefully with encouragement from you guys he will. xoxo Alyssa.


Saturday, September 13, 2014


For those of you who don't know, a new MoonBeans opened in Pharr. They opened up about a month ago and it's so much closer to home. Alex and I finally stopped by this week to check it out. We're not much coffee drinkers, so we don't regularly stop by coffee shops. We've been to the MooonBeans in McAllen a couple of times tho. I think we'll be stopping by the one in Pharr, on our way home from school from time to time now.

This place is quite tricky to find and we had a little trouble finding it. Once, you find it and get inside it'll be worth it. The layout of the place is great and the color palette is so welcoming. On the walls they have subway tiles and brick. I'm a sucker for subway tiles. The Edison Bulbs give the place a warm glow. The customer service there is awesome. We got to meet Mike, who was so helpful. Like I said we're not big coffee drinkers, so he helped us pick what we wanted to drink. He was such a great guy to talk to and we talked to him about the shop for a while. 
I'm so glad I remembered this place opened up and we got to stop by. If you have a chance to go, you should totally go. If you like frappuccinos, I recommend getting the dark chocolate with banana syrup. It is so good! Here's a simple way to figure out how to get there. Go down cage. Go down the street BETWEEN the AT&T building and the Capitol One building. As soon as you go down the street you'll see MoonBeans. If you stop by let me know what you ordered. I may try it next time I go. xoxo Alyssa.

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