Friday, October 24, 2014

Walking Into Situations

When I was younger my Grandfather use to tell me stories about his life all the time. Now, I tell stories to my friends about my life. Apparently, the things that happen to me on a weekly basis is funny and makes my friends feel better about themselves. But not in a way that "oh, your life is pathetic so I shouldn't complain about mine" kind of way. More like "I was having a crappy week and I needed a good laugh." I like to make people laugh and talking about my life does that. 

On, Monday when I was at school I was completely out of it. By the time Alex got out of his Anatomy class I was in dire need of a nap. We decided to check out a study room upstairs in the library, so I can nap before Drawing. I dropped off my stuff in the room with Alex and at a very slow pace walked to the restroom. I have the tendency to space out when I'm doing the simplest task, such as walking and other activities. So I walked into the restroom and as I walked in, there was a guy in there. He just finished washing his hands and was putting on his backpack. He turned to walk by me and he to looked/squinted at me like what the hell/you're a weirdo kind of way. I just simply glanced at him and looked away. You would think at that moment I would be like "Oh, there's a guy in here. OH!" and run out. Nope that's not what made me realize I was in the guys restroom. As he walked by me I thought to myself, "Hey, this girls restroom has stalls on both sides. No, wait those are urinals" Then I laughed, turned around and walked out after that guy. Good thing there was no one else in the restroom. Maybe there was, but I didn't notice. Obviously, I wouldn't have noticed them. No one was there when I walked out of the restroom tho. 

That has never happened to me before and now whenever I walk into a restroom. I stick my head out the door to make sure it's the women's restroom. I want to say thanks to that guy for not being like "Hey! This is the guys restroom." That would've made me feel completely embarrassed. I thought I would start sharing some of my embarrassing stories with you guys. So you guys can know that embarrassing stuff happens to everyone. Sometimes those moments make a good story or you can just laugh about it and never tell anyone. I seriously needed that nap. xoxo Alyssa

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday Favorites #27 - Local Etsy Shops Edition

I need to get my hands on this awesome Tardis Light Switch Plate.

This Edgar Allen Poe oil painting is amazing.
(via: Avendano Art)

A men's watch box would be a perfect gift for that certain mister.

I know I would love this quartz crystal bracelet as a gift.
(via: Shop Sparrow)

This Maleficent painting is crazy good.

Seriously! How gorgeous is this color and 

Who doesn't love some Chanel?

xoxo Alyssa

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Week From Today

Next Tuesday will be one year blogiversary. I can't believe it's going to be a year already. It's been a very long year tho. I'm still learning about blogging and how much work it takes. I know when I started, I wanted to have all this great content and post like 4 - 5 times a week. Have a DIY every week or maybe two.

I soon realized it was just so much work and I completely burned myself out when I did 25 Days of Crafts. It wasn't my first 25 Days of Crafts, but it was my first to take pictures of the whole process. There are so many post I would love to redo and retake the pictures. Here are some of my favorite post I've done this past year:

*What I Wore
*Braided Necklace
*Getting Started
*The Worst Parts of Being A Crafter
*DIY Initial Necklace
*My Little Family
*Wednesday Favorites: TV Edition
*Birthday Snap Shots
*DIY Doctor Who Banner
*Last Week...
*A Rare Moment
*DIY Framed Pressed Flowers
*Surprise Harry Potter Costume Party Part 1
*DIY Ice Cream Corkboard
*I Think I'm Watching Pokemon Wrong

I like to go through my old post sometimes and see what I wrote. Keeping a blog is pretty much a journal, but for everyone to see. I've always tried keeping a diary/journal, but I would forget to write in it. Luckily, I can't forget about you guys. Making things and posting them up on here was pretty much the reason why I wanted to start blogging. I'm going to try to have more DIY's for you guys. What kind of stuff do you guys want to see more of this year? More DIY's? Geeky stuff? Personal? Comment down below. xoxo Alyssa

P.S. Next week I'll be having a giveaway for my blogiversary so stay tuned.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Trivia Crack

Recently a friend of mine told me to download the game Trivia Crack to my phone. After a month I finally downloaded it and now I'm addicted. I regret nothing! Trivia Crack is a trivia game with six different categories and it's a total of 25 rounds. You have to collect the characters that correspond to each one of the categories. Spin the wheel and chance will decide which category you will have to answer. You can play against your friends or random opponents. Whoever collects all the characters before the 25th round wins or whoever has the most characters by the time the 25th round ends, wins.

My addiction got to the point where I told Alex to download the game, so I can keep playing. Now, he's addicted as well. My sister and my 8yr old nephew are addicted too. My nephew Aiden doesn't know any of the answers to the questions, so he guesses on each question. I feel so bad, because everybody beats him. If any of you out there that knows of a game similar trivia crack, but for kids let me know. We want to download a game that he'll have more of a chance on winning. If you like trivia games you should download this game. Comment down below if you download it and we can play against each other. xoxo Alyssa

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