Monday, February 23, 2015

RGV Whovians Viewing/Meet-Up

Poster by: Ramiro Martinez
I'm so excited for this event tonight. It's my first Whovian meet-up. If you go and see me say Hi. xoxo Alyssa

Thursday, February 19, 2015

My River Song Sketchbook

I love meeting people who blog/vlog from my area. One of my fellow classmates Jade vlogs over on YouTube. On her channel Klassy Jade, she show's you how to make your own journals or how to personalize stuff you already have.

Recently I bought a new sketchbook that fits in my purse, so I can carry it with me wherever I go. It was the perfect size, however I didn't like the cover. Jade is a fellow Whovian, so I figured I'd ask her if she can do something with my sketchbook Doctor Who wise. I'm so happy on how it came it. If you want to know how she DIYed my sketchbook cover, you can watch the video down below. 

xoxo Alyssa

Monday, February 16, 2015

Food Trucks for Valentines Day

Typically Alex and I don't go out on Valentines Day. We don't want to deal with packed restaurants or because he's working. Last year we stayed in, watched the Flog and ate heart shaped donuts. I still had a good time. This year I felt like doing something, but I wanted to do something fun.
 I didn't tell him what we were doing, all I said is that we were going to McAllen. We've been wanting to try Nino's Rio Pizza, but we never got the chance to. By the time we go to where they were parked they were already closed. I noticed two other food trucks that we passed by. We decided to try out Krazy Dogs Gourmet and then try out the taco food truck. The hotdogs we got were sooo good we stayed for seconds. 

Afterwards we headed to Barnes and Noble to do a little reading/drawing. Unfortunately all the tables were full, so we walked around the store a bit. We ended up in the Comic books/Manga section and just sat on the floor to read. Before we headed home we stopped by MoonBeans to pick up some coffee, 

I had a great time and so did Alex. Personally I would choose having a fun date over a romantic date anytime. If your looking to try out food trucks in the McAllen area, I highly recommend trying out Krazy Dogs Gourmet. You can follow them on their Facebook page or their Instagram page for their schedule. What did you do on Valentines Day? xoxo Alyssa

Friday, February 13, 2015

Cereal Donuts

I've been seeing cereal donuts all over my Instagram feed lately and I wanted some. I figured the Galentines Day Dinner I had was the best excuse to make some. Wasn't sure how I was going to make these, because I know donuts are fried. All I knew was I wanted to bake them and for it to be easy.  

I bought two Donut Pans, two box cake mixes, and assorted cereal fun pack. If you have the money and space for two pans I suggest get two. The process will go by quicker. I chose to go with cake mix, because of Autumn's recipe I stumbled upon. My first batch using her recipe caused some the of the donuts to crumble apart, but I was still able to use some of the donuts I made with the recipe. The second batch, I just used the recipe the cake mix box had. That worked a lot better for me. One tip on using the recipe off the box and the pans is to only fill the cavities 1/2 the way up. If you fill it 2/3 like the pan tells you to then your donuts will be too big and cover up the donut hole. Each box made about 18 donuts. 

For glaze I used Autumn's recipe, it came out pretty good. For a chocolate glaze I used this recipe from Simply Stacie. This chocolate glaze was so good, you guys. I could just pour it over on all the donuts. With the glaze recipe she shares her donut recipe, that's from scratch. I only tried her chocolate glaze. Now, if you only have cookie cutters and don't want to buy another pan you can use this recipe. They show you how to make donuts using cookie cutters and baking them. 

I'm definitely going to stick with box cake mix, because right now I'm a little too lazy to make things from scratch. I think next I'll try to make some strawberry one's or some carrot cake donuts. In the end I didn't really care for the cereal on top of my donuts. The chocolate glaze paired with the vanilla donuts were perfect. If you end up trying out any of these recipes let me know. xoxo Alyssa

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